How do I set ALL my current programs/files on MY computer to be trusted as is

Using FW only, how do I set ALL my current programs/files on MY personal computer to be trusted as is, but leave any new changes to be scrutinized?
These drives have been scanned by Comodo av many times, but items keep popping up as questionable.
I would like to save a separate config file of these as locked in & be able to merge them with any upgrades of comodo in the future.
Many of these various files/programs have been on this computer since win 95 & may be used at any time, but i get hassles from Comodo.

Is there a method to quickly (1 hr) train fw of ALL my files/programs?

I wouldn’t.

I’d scan all my files to see if they are allowed by Comodo in general, if they aren’t you could check VirusTotal and manually allow certain files.

For the firewall setup I’d still suggest googling cruelsister setup (on youtube i’m sure) which will cause some annoyances but keeps viruses at bay.

You need to be more specific of what you mean by getting items popping up as questionable, are you getting firewall alerts or HIPS alerts for applications requesting to perform certain actions? Or are you getting AV or cloud scanner alerts detecting applications as malware or PUA? You can set HIPS and/or firewall to training mode, then switch back to previous mode, or you can use unblock application task and choose unblock from all components.