how do i send .EXE attachment via Gmail [resolved]

how do i send executable attachment via gmail?
the only workaround is changing the .ZIP extension to fake extension. (like .ZOP). i’ve tried to encrypt/password protect the archive, but still rejected by gmail
i use thunderbird as email client.

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Put the .EXE in a .RAR or a .ZIP

Edit:: What the hell!?! it doesn’t work ??? ??? ??? ???

err is that a suggestion or a question? 88) ;D
months ago, i still can send executable file via gmail in an encrypted/password protect .zip. but now, it doesn’t work either.

Switch to yahoo

:frowning: doesn’t have POP3/IMAP. and the other yahoo, can’t have both POP3 & IMAP enabled. 88)

Are we P-I-C-K-Y or what 88)

Then use Hotmail (:HUG)


so hotmail can have both POP3 & IMAP enabled? :-TU

:frowning: i can’t change my primary email address :-\

I think so… as long as you pay (:NRD)

Xan (:LGH)

you can forward emails nowadays 88)

and it’s free, unlike the person above me states otherwise 88)

I think that after the takeover from Microsoft, this is free also…


ffftttt >:(
guess the only workaround is changing the extension 88)
but it’s not about sending .exe attachment only, but receiving as well. some ppl needs to send me .exe or .bat file via email and gmail just block the email without notice >:(
beside, i can’t just switch my email address, i use this everyday

Contact Google: Contact Us for Help & Office Location Guidance - Google

Or use Google to find the answer

Maybe this is a bug or something?? I used to be able to send attachments easy…

i did, there are a lot of similar complaints.
and the only suggestions are:

  1. use WINRAR
    not everybody have WINRAR 88) the most common archiver used is WINZIP. i have winrar & 7zip, but it’s no use since the email recipient can’t open it.

  2. change the file extension
    this is what i do. 88)
    but what about the email sent to me? >:( some ppl sometmes send me an .exe or .bat file, and it’s rejected without warning. >:(

i know that gmail always scan the email from viruses before we download it. but why bother if it just block every .exe in the first place. >:(

oh and that’s the reason some ppl still keep their yahoo account 88)

exactly. i rarely encounter any problems, if ever with yahoo.

it’s slower/takes longer time to open than gmail. (especially when you use a slow mouter connection 88) ).
and i need both POP3/IMAP enabled.and the very reason is i’ve been using my email address for years, i can’t change it 88)
sigh 88)

Here are better places:

ffftt >:( then how do i suppose to add my postcount here >:(

cursed gmail >:( locked! >:(

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I was serious there. Go to the root of the problem rather than spamming ours (:TNG)