how do I see which applications I've blocked?


how do I view applications that have been blocked?



First of all use the latest version of Comodo. Your is out dated. Secondly do you mean things that you block accidentally? If you blocked something go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and look through the list. If you mean you want to see a log of things that were blocked by rules look under “view firewall events”.

Hi Mike,

When you say blocked do you mean in firewall or defence+ and have you asked “Remember my Answer”?

Anyways to look at stuff that has been “Blocked” you need to look at the “Event Log”

To do this the easiest way is to open the main interface/Firewall/View Firewall Events.Now click on “More” where you will get a new window where you can see Firewall logs or Defence+ logs by choosing in the top left.


thank you Matty_R and Vettetech

  1. This morning I defined a “new blocked application” in “firewall” and wanted to see where it is in case I ever want to change it.

  2. When I click on “check for updates” I get a message saying, “the parameter is incorrect”

I’m using XP SP2


P.S. I need to get it into my head that ‘firewall’ and ‘defense’ are two different things :THNK

Do am complete uninstall and download and install the latest version. Its alot easier. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.