How do I see blocked apps, ports etc?

I posted this awhile ago, if I block a port or an application via rules. I can not see the blocked application.

The only time they appear is if the popup notifies me I tick and hit deny will I see the blocked rule. This is a little stupid, because I have to exit the firewall to reset the rule.

As much as I like the program I think that to exit the firewall to clear blocked rules is stupid.

Hi cyber:

I posted this in a different thread yesterday. See if this will work for you: Comodo Forum

Hi Soya,

No my problem is different.

  1. If I select the tick box and deny it, it will show up as being blocked.
  2. If I don’t and I deny it is being blocked, but it doesnt show as being blocked
  3. For any of number 2’s to fix itself and yes we can make mistakjes by hiitng the deny to quickly I have to exit the PF to reset them
  4. If I change a rule already defined, to being blocked it dispears from the list.

So as I did not get an answer last time, I appreciate your link but it is not what I asked:-(