How do I schedule updates at a specific time?

I have Comodo CIS installed on my machines that are all Frozen with Deep Freeze from Faronics. The system opens itself from 2am until 3am for updates.

How do I configure Comodo to do a virus defenition update at 2:15am? I do not see anywhere to specify a time?

Right now they NEVER update until I unfreeze them and manually do it. I want to automate it.


This was half of the reason why I stopped using CAV. Though I use ‘Returnil’ instead of ‘Deep Freeze’.

Is there an option to Disable the auto’ update? I can’t remember.

If there is, maybe you could use the Windows ‘Task Scheduler’ to run a Batch File at 2:15?

@echo off
"C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\CAVupdateFile.exe"

Go to Anti Virus → Scheduled Scans → Add → now edit the schedule to your preferences.

thats how you schedule a scan. I want to do an update, not a scan.


you can’t mess with the av update schedule right now, it’s set to check for new updates every 30 minutes as well as every boot.

There’s no way of changing the “every 30 minutes check for updates” feature? I am finding this feature to be incredibly irritating. It’s like a nag screen that just won’t go away. Surely the product is not being updated every 30 minutes?

every time you see a pop up it is, it is either new signatures or a FP fix. When the program checks for updates but there aren’t any you don’t even know it.

languy99 forgot to say that 3.10 is comming out soon (1 to 3 weeks) with a fix for the AV update popups and the new Family Signatures. ;D

Hm. Okay. It is still irritating to have it hardwired to update every 30 minutes. Everything I am working on just stalls for that period of time when the update is being checked. I am fairly religious about keeping my software up to date, so I look forward to being able to do it at my own timing, rather than every 30 minutes.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ll look for the major update in 1-3 weeks.


have they included this ability with any of the latest versions (3.10-3.12) ? Some of your computers experience severe slowdowns or hangs and the update sometimes causes 100% CPU usage. It would really help if this ability were included.

No, it’s not included yet, but there is a low-tech workaround you can use.

In scanner settings, deselect automatically check updates before scan in the real-time scanner settings. This is what causes the automatic updates. Leave the option checked on manual and scheduled scans. (unless you often use the manual scanner, then you might want to deselect this as well, but if you do that, I would at least schedule updates daily. More on this below…)

Create a scan profile that scans only a .txt file or something small that will only take a second or two to scan. Schedule a scan that uses this scan profile whenever you want to update your virus definitions. So basically all this scan is really doing is updating your virus definitions. :slight_smile: