How do I schedule scans?

How do I schedule scans via policy?

I don’t see any scheduled scan policy setting available in the ESM console which in my eyes is a major flaw in a supposedly centrally managed AV solution.

I have tried scheduling scans in a locally configured instance of CES and then created a policy based on those settings, then deployed that policy to another test machine, but the test machine has never run my desired scheduled scans.

Right now I’m on attempt number 7 to use the ESM to force an endpoint to run a scheduled scan.

I really really really want to use Comodo ESM/CES as my AV solution, but if Comodo doesn’t allow me to easily create and modify scheduled scans for all workstations then I need to look at something else that does allow me full control of all settings without leaving my desk or remotely accessing individual machines.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue!

Hi linksep,

The centralized management of CES is being enhanced as we speak with a number of changes due in the late June and early August updates of ESM.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

That is seriously unfortunate! I’m a fan of Comodo products and I really started to like the ESM 2.1 console during my test; the 3.0 console was growing on me. Unfortunately my AV subscription expired this weekend so I can’t wait for updates, and I can’t deploy to ~50 machines if Comodo ESM is not ready for prime time. :frowning:


We’ll make a note of your interest and get back to you as soon as the next release (containing more granular control of the endpoints) becomes available.

Really sorry we couldn’t offer you the correct solution right now.


Hi again,

I have received confirmation that the scheduled scanning capability will be in the first week of August release of ESM.

Kind regards,

Hello, linksep.

Thank you for your post.

Could you please check next checkboxes “Run only when computer is not running on battery” and/or “Run only when computer is IDLE” from scanner profile. Are they checked? if Yes so please uncheck and try again.

Also could you please create manual scheduled scan on endpoint where it doesn’t work and look that it works or not?

Please add informatioan about OS, CESM and CES/CAS versions.

Thank you for any help or information with issue.