How do I reverse a decision to allow inbound connection? [RESOLVED]

I am a new user, and I just installed CFP3. Alerts began popping up, and I received one which asked for permission for an inbound connection. I foolishly allowed it with the “remember” box checked.

How do I reverse this decision?


Hi epicurus,welcome to the forum,

You need to go to the main interface,then Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy
Here you will find your “Application Rules” find the application you allowed and simply highlight it and select “Remove”
Then “Apply” to close all windows.
This should remove any rules for the application.


Thanks, Matty. I found three inbound rules: one from svchost.exe and two from System (one, allow UDP in from some IP, and, two, allow TCP in from some IP).

Should I remove all three inbound rules?

How does one know if an inbound request is from a “legitimate” source, like one of one’s software vendors? Or are all inbound requests from hackers?

BTW, I just stealthed all my ports.

Those are all Windows Services. See here.

You should use the facility in “Application Rules” which makes an application “Outgoing Only” for things like your AV updater etc also set your web browser and e mail client.Unless you are doing file sharing over a network this way only connections initiated by your computer will be responded to.
I would advise you to remove these rules and then see if all is ok.If you get any pop ups which youre not sure about it is best to "Block it" but dont tick “Remember my Answer”
So you have now ran the “Stealth Ports Wizard” do you have 4 rules in your “Global Rules” ending with a block IP in ANY/ANY/ANY.

Hope this helps,Matty

ps are you on a LAN behind a router?

Thanks, Matty. Yes, I have four Global rules, the last of which is Block IP from Any/Any/Any.

I have one computer behind a wireless router (on a cable system). I don’t do file sharing or gaming.

Great you should be set up fine know.You may start getting some firewall log events which will be your router sending out broadcasts,but give it a few days and if needed you can put some additional rules in place.

Regards,Matty :-TU

ps It may be a good idea to read 3xist`s sticky topic about new to V3 near the top of this page.

Thanks, Matty. You are a big help!

Yes, Read my sticky :smiley:

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