How do I restore the UI of a scan in progress?

Once a scan has been initiated (whether it’s scheduled or user-triggered) how do I view the scan progress?

I’ve noticed if I start a scan myself and click “send to background” there is no way to restore the UI window. I’ve searched extensively around the whole app and can’t find a way to restore the scan progress window. I am however able to start a second scan which makes my hard disks sound like a Geiger counter and my CPU fan sounds like a jet. As it is now I have to rely on opening the task manager and looking at running processes.

Running Windows 10 pro x64

Hi and welcome cdlink14,
Manage CIS Tasks-Comodo Help

These tasks can be managed, through the Task manager interface that can be accessed at anytime by clicking Open Task Manager from the 'Advanced Tasks' interface.
Select [i]'Bring To Front'[/i] for the selected tasks.

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Thank you.

Why isn’t there a link to that on the home screen of the UI or any kind of indication that an active scan is running?

Hi cdlink14,
You can add the Task Manager to the Task Bar.
Adding tasks to the Task Bar-Comodo Help

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Isn’t there an icon in Windows taskbar? That’s where you would normally could restore the UI from.