How do I reset all CFP settings to the 'factory default'.

While diagnosing some problems, I have made many trial changes to rules and other settings. Now that I have the problems resolved, I would like to get back to the starting point when I installed CFP for the first time 12-15-2007.
How do I accomplish this? If it requires uninstall/install, it seems I have read that settings will be preserved unless a certain file/folder is deleted. If this is true and uninstall/install is the only way to get back to the starting line, what is the file/folder?
Thanks much…John

Hi jonhhc - Short of a reinstall, there is no way to restore the defaults unless you have exported the configuration prior to any changes. Uninstalling should delete the CFP directory, and any configuration files there. You can check after doing the uninstall by navigating to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall using Explorer and that directory should be deleted. If it is not, you can delete it yourself. After re-installing, you can export the base configuration by clicking (on the GUI) Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Export. You will have to click on the configuration name on the menu to open the Save dialog. Give it a name and save it somewhere besides the CFP directory - maybe in a My Documents\CFP directory for ease of recall. Then if you want to return to the base configuration, you can import the saved configuration and select it. Importing it does not automatically install it, it only puts it on the list of configurations that you can choose to Select.

Thanks, AnotherOne.
I will do an uninstall/install, check for the folder and be sure to Export the settings.
I looked at the Manage My Configurations the other day but your explanations are much better than the Help text.

I think this would be an excellent feature to add to the “wish list” for future versions.

CFP should have a one-button option to reset the Firewall and Defense+ back to their original, default configurations that were selected during installation.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus offers this option within each of its four “Protection” modules, and it is truly useful when your custom settings somehow go awry. Press “Default” and you can re-customize your settings as if it were a new installation (you can also import/export your custom configurations on KAV as well, just like on CFP).

Good Idea USSS,

But I think it should be password protected, so that no one can accidentally reset it