how do i remove suspicious attempts

I am looked all over the internet for a solution but i cant find anything. I have 8 suspicious attempts under teh summary tab.

How do i remove them? I looked at all the files at they all are legit… theres nothing suspicious about them.

When i tried to open up AOL (one of the suspicious attempts) my whole computer freezes when the comodo pop up comes up giving me the option to allow or block the program, and i am unable to click on allow because my computer if frozen. But it Unfreezes after a while when the comodo popup goes away.

Please help.

Hello please show us the logs of

Comodo → Defense+ → Events
Comodo → Firewall → Events
Comodo → Antivirus → Events

Do you have any other security applications that may be causing a conflict?

i only have avast anti virus.

would you be able to tell me how to post it onto the forums?

I was looking on the internet and it says to go into the activities tab, but i dont have an activities tab.

I don’t know what is meant with activities tab. May be the other person giving advice is using Comodo Firewall 2.4 which has a different user interface. Just follow our instructions for now.

The mentioned logs can be found under:
Firewall → Common Tasks (button on the left) → View Firewall Events
Defense + → Comman Tasks (button on the left) → View Defense + Events.

To take a screenshot push ctrl+ Print Screen. Now the active screen gets copied to the clipboard. Open Paint or another image editing program and paste the image. Now save the images as jpg or png image.

To post an image here at the forums there are two ways to go:

  1. Push Reply and you will be taken to a new page. Under the text box you see Additional Options and click on it. Push Choose to go to the picture you want to upload. If you want to add more than one image push “more attachments” (it is behind the Choose button).
  2. Type your text in the Quick Reply field at the bottom. When done push Preview and you wil be taken to a new page. From now it works the same as described under 1.

here are the logs for D+… there is nothing under my firewall events, and i dont have comodo anti virus.

I have avast anti virus.

Sorry for being a noob :frowning:

lol, but this is freaking annoying.

[attachment deleted by admin]

May be your mouse of touchpad is causing problems: C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPHelper.exe .

I think Synaptics digitally signs their applications. So we are going to add Synaptics to the My Trusted Software Vendors list.
Go to Defense+ → Common Tasks → My Trusted Software Vendors → add → read from a signed executable → navigate to SynTPHelper.exe and add it. Does it get accepted or not? Now Ok and apply your way back to the main screen.

When that doesn’t work make SynTPHelper.exe part of My Own Safe Files.
To do so go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My Own Safe Files → add → browse files → now navigate to the SynTPHelper.exe and add it. Ok and apply you way back to the main screen.

Did this help?

Thanks!! that worked with the mouse (syntp) problem.

But can you explain the aol problem? that totally freezes my entire computer.

Or do i have to do the exact same thing that i did with synap

I am just scared that if i put aol as my trusted application that some hacker/virus/worm w/e will get into my computer.

Or is it me just being paranoid lol

You can try the solutions I gave for the Synaptics program.

Even when you make a program a trusted application you still will be alerted when it wants to
start another program. On top of that if a malware wants to abuse a buffer overflow leak the buffer overflow protection will kick in.

Keep us posted.

sweet!! thanks eric