How do I reduce the number of permission requests from Comodo?

I like Comodo but it’s annoying the number of times it asks me for permission for what seems like same programs. For example, I’m constantly being asked if I want to allow Firefox or something connected to Firefox to access the internet. This is happening like 5 or 6 times per day. Why is that and how do I cut down on the number of permission requests?

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Hi and welcome,

You can reduce the number of alerts you receive by opening CFP, then going to: security, advanced, configure (under miscellaneous section), then changing the ‘Alert Frequency level’ slider to a lower position.

The lowest setting will mean you only get one alert per application, but should not affect security.

Also, check that ‘Do not show alerts for applications certified by comodo’ is turned on so you only receive alerts for unknown applications. This is on by default.


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