How Do I Record Sound That Is Playing On My Computer?

I tried to use Audacity, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it record not from my mic but from sound that is playing on my computer.

Anyone know how?

Try one of these


Thing is that they are paid software. :cry:

If what I’m downloading now won’t work, I’ll try that.

Ugh…my downloads folder is so large. 38.2 GB lol.

You need to enable ‘Stereo Mix’ on your Windows recording property.
If you use Vista or windows 7,
go to recording property>right click mouse>click ‘show disabled devices’.
Enable ‘Stereo Mix’.
After then, you can use any recorder.(Windows recoder is fine)

But I don’t have a “Stereo Mix”. :-\

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Do not use Windows default sound driver.
It doesn’t give you stereo mix.
Install original sound card driver.
Your sound chipset from Realtek right?
Download and install the driver from Realtek.

I don’t know if my chipset is from Realtek… :-\

I attached some pics from Everest.

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It shows you Sigmatel chipset. :-TD
It’s a laptop…
Go to your laptop manufacturer’s website and download the driver.

Some sigmatel chipsets don’t support stereo mix.
Also it doesn’t work properly for the normal recording.
You may have the following problems.
1.impossible to record mic+windows sound at the same time.
2.impossible to record Windows sound with Stereo Mix.

LaserWraith, try BB FlashBack Express (free) from this page. It is for recording videos in the first place, but once i grabbed a sound playing on my speakers (AIMP2).

Dude, find/buy a mini-stereo splitter thing for your audio jack and a male-to-male mini-stereo audio cable. Plug the splitter into your speaker-out jack (usually green) on your mainboard, then plug the new cable into the the splitter and into the line-in jack (usually blue) on your mainboard. Also plug your speakers into the splitter.

Then set (in Windows and whatever audio recording software you use) the default recording device to Line-In. Sometimes the software is also set to record in Mono, not Stereo (this is true for Audacity…set it to record in Stereo). Anything that is playing during this setup can be recorded (with Audacity or any other sound recorder software).

I’d give you more details but I’m in school and that means restrictions!

Just a question: will that work with a laptop?

I tried Camtasia, which is similar. And the option to record what you hear was grayed out. :-\

It must be something besides what program you need.

I tried the driver things Creasy suggested…and the installer wouldn’t install. (Blah)

So since I have a Sigmatel chipset, I guess it doesn’t work.

I’ll try a VM. :slight_smile:

Your problem is not from the software but from the driver.
You can’t record anything with any recording programs until you take care of your sound chipset.
Try this modified driver from LG.
1.extract it. ‘Setup.exe’

If it doesn’t work for you? there is no other way.

Have you tried changing the settings in Audacity?

From the GUI go to Edit->Preferances->Devices->Play around with the settings there.

Do this after getting the driver sorted.

Now no sound devices are showing up, and I can’t play any sound. >:(

The device menu is all blank now. :-X

Rollback to your old driver.
Finally, we got your chipset doesn’t support stereo mix… :-TD

The rollback option isn’t available.

It will if the laptop has a line-in jack and the splitter and chords can all fit, otherwise no…

My sound is working now. I installed a Sigmatel driver.

Well…I don’t care enough for it to want to mess with all that.

I think I could set up recording stuff in a VM.

If its a Dell laptop ive read in the Audacity forum that there is an inherant problem built in to stop people recording what comes out of the speakers…
Not good :-TD

Audacity`s a great little app though, i currently using to digitize a load of old cassette tapes (hours of fun, not) :wink: