How do I re-install same version and preserve all rules and settings?????

Help Please.

How do I re-install same version and preserve all rules and settings???

Noone has helped with my other recent post (“everything blocked after any download”) here, so I figure I should re-install same version but don’t want to lose all current rules settings, etc.

A bit shocked that no searches here or in KB found instructions to just re-install same and preserve!
lot’s of uninstall and install problems found but no basic re-install instructions)

Anyone know? Please.


CFP v2 doesn’t have configurations management (export/import) unlike v3, sorry. As for your problem, have you looked in your settings the maximum allowed number of connections, etcetera, have you tried increasing that? If you’re really reluctant to reinstall it without keeping the rules, if I’m not wrong CFP keeps those in the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro”; but if you’re going to manipulate the registry manually be careful and always make a backup or system restore before.

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Thanks Japo.

Having searched these forums I see countless uninstall and install problems - don’t want more headaches

What IF?? I just run setup for comodo without uninstalling existing?

Anyone know if that will repair existing without wiping out current rules and settings?

Or does Version 2.418.184 have a repair? in uninstall gui?
(this all happened as the result of uninstalling NOD32 av)


Can Anyone confirm that all rules and settings for vers 2418 is stored in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro” ???

If confirmed then perhaps backing that reg file up, running setup without uninstalling, and restoring reg file may solve this problem.

Anyone know if this will work? or can cofirm file containing rules-settings?

btw: I’m running a dual boot XP and Win2k and am writing this thru XP which has the same version of comodo fp installed and working - though I never use XP (too slow) except emergencies like this.

Thank You Gordon

Backing up v2.4 rules &settings at:
Looks great for back-up.

With so many uninstall - install horror stories here I’m still wondering?

Will running setup and installing same version overwrite or repair the installed (not woking) one (v2.4)???

If I bite the bullet update and install newest v.3? Can I, if so how can I transfer my current rules and setting in v2.4 to v3?


You can try the repair install, make a system restore beforehand just in case.

I think that only manually, because v2 and v3 are completely different.

Maybe. Certainly worth a try.

if so how can I transfer my current rules and setting in v2.4 to v3?
[b]Manually[/b], one setting after another. I recommend doing Screen Prints of the 2.4 Network Control Rules window and anything else you customized in 2.4 before upgrading.

Well despite the uninstall / install errors abounding I bit the bullet (backed up) Uninstalled then Installed and no problems!
I don’t remember seeing a repair option, though if I did, it didn’t fix my messed up CFP.

The script (vers.1.5) to backup (rules and preferences) for vers.2.4 worked perfectly!


Reinstalling V2.4 and preserving all rules and settings.

Download and run backup at (I set Allow registry changes in CFP, then firewall to allow all before backing up and before restoring)
Uninstall CFP v2.4 - I used CFP uninstall
Install CFP v2.4
Restored backed-up settings by just double clicking backed-up .reg file. (per instructions in file above)

All went perfectly! Perhaps it’s wrong to assume that problems of others will always happen to you.
Thanks to the few that did respond.

Note: If you try to install CFP v2.4 over installed one you’ll just get uninstall dialog. Won’t install over itself.

Before you backup your settings you should go to “Security/Miscellaneous/Configure” and
uncheck “Protect own registry keys and files from unauthorized modifications”…
Likewise when you have re-installed Comodo 2.4 you should check that this option is disabled before restoring your original settings… best is to close down Comodo 2.4 before restoring the settings .