How do I prevent users from editing the firewall settings?

Is there a way to password protect or otherwise restrict access to the firewall settings, or at the very least make it so a non-admin user can NOT edit the firewall settings?

This is being looked into for a future relase. After all, what is the value of an insecure security application? LOL

Comodo are burning the midnight oil on making it THE firewall for the Windows platform, and they are well on their way to achieving that goal. But, development takes time, particularly low level apps like a firewall.

Kepp the ideas coming.

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To be clear, here is what I am looking for. I want to make sure my kids, who run as limited users on the family computer, cannot run any network applications I don’t authorize. It would be even better if the rules were per-user. For example, as an admin-level user, I can run what I want, but as a limited user, he can only run certain applications, e.g. firefox and Internet Explorer, and nothing else. The popups that come up and ask “should I allow this to occur” would not come up for him and it would simply deny the request.


This is an interesting request. So what you want is an ability to setup policies (and these policies could be limiting apps etc) per user. Its a great feature. Can u pls put it in the wish list. Also, can you pls expand (as much as you can) what type of policies you would like to see (pls try to expand as much as you can, it will help us greatly.)



This would tie in perfectly with the parental control module that another user requested earlier, but there is still the issue of ensuring that the policies are distributed across the home LAN, so it doesn’t matter where the user logs in, the policy is enforced.

One way would be to have additional parameters on the application monitor screen, where a user could be ascribed to an application. This is assuming, of course, that the default for applications is ALL USERS. To ensure that the firewall doesn’t lose too much performance due to parsing the application/user list for each request, on login, the firewall could extract the ALL USERS rules and the user specific rules and create a aggregated user specific rules table for that login session.

This then brings us back to the fast user switching issue, the non-administrator issue, the password protection issue and the LAN config distribution issue.

Don’t you ever get tired of users moving the goalposts?? ;D

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I would think you should charge for any “centralized management” of security policies (i.e. across multiple computers) as that clearly enters you into the realm of the enterprise. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as requested, I will add to the Wish List.

Not moving the goalposts, expanding the limits, creating the curve! all good stuff :slight_smile: keep it coming… The centralised management is on the board, lets see when we can deliver it.


Do you think that the centralised distribution module would be something that users would pay for, over and above the free version? Sort of Like ZA and ZA Pro?

Just a thought.

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