How do I prevent Incoming Traffic with the firewall

I am somewhat new to Comodo Firewall, but have read a lot about it, and I have used it for the past few months. I am running a Vista Home Premium 64 bit Operating system. Yesterday, I noticed in My Network and Sharing Center, I saw that File Sharing was turned on. This concerned me, since I might someday be subject to someone coming thru my the Internet Connetion, and viewing or taking some of my files. I tried to turn it of, but the message stated that it had to be turned off via the Firewall. I looked through the menus in Comodo, but could not locate the words “File Sharing”. What area in the menus do I turn file sharing off? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. >:(

Hi BB9,

First question, is the standard Windows firewall disabled?

File sharing is actually a property of the network adapter card although you can create firewall rules to block the protocols and ports involved.

Open the properties for your network adapter, select Networking/Internet Protocol v4 and uncheck the boxes for ‘client for Microsoft Networks’ and ‘File and print sharing for Microsoft networks’. Better still, after you’ve selected Internet Protocol v4 select properties/Advanced/WINS and disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

The Windows Firewall was dis-abled/turned off, when I installed Comodo Firewall. I did every thing you mentioned in your reply, and re-booted my system, but in the “Network Sharing Center” under “Sharing and Discovery” I still see “File Sharing” as “ON”. The button is greyed out, and it still states that I can use my Firewall Program to change this setting.

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The only way you can change these settings is by having the Windows firewall on.

It is the same on my Vista computer even thought I have disabled file sharing in the Network connection properties for my adaptor.

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