How do i pass the leaktest? help please

Hey Guys im new to these forums, i’m quite new to to CIS…

On the Leaktest i’ve scored 20/340, my d + setting is set to clean pc mode, i have the file suppresser on.

I removed the Comodo antivirus from my pc because i prefer to use Avira Antivirus, could this be why?

Oh and i have all the monitor settings on d + ticked…

Can someone tell me how to get maximum security, and how i can get 340/340 ?

Also, i have the latest version of comodo and my firewall setting is on safe mode

NVM i did some research and changed the D + predefined security policies, changed the D + plus to clean pc mode, and blocked the incoming requests from CLT.EXE , i then got 340/340 :smiley: :smiley: :D…

There should be some guides on these kind of things.



i think the problem occurs cause of Clean PC Mode.

If you have switched to Clean PC mode after installing/starting testing suite, D+ thinks, that this is not malware or something dangerous and allows all actions of it.

Take a look into the computer security policy. if there is an entry of the testing sweet. if it is, please remove this entry, and try again.

if you think all apps already on your machine are safe, you can easily use Clean PC Mode. Cause in this mode, you tell D+, that everything that has already been on the fixed drives, is safe.
Otherwise use Safe Mode: Every action of known/whitelisted apps is learned, but every action of unknown/new introduced apps is alerted to the user.