How do I open a port for a specific software?


I am using dc++ and I want my Comodo Firewall to let DC++ use inbound/outbound traffic on port 1412. How is this done?

As long as I use my firewall, i cannot do anything on DC++ but as soon as I turn it off, DC++ will work just fine.

I’ve been struggling with this since… a lot… But if you want to open a single port you can do it by going into Global Rules and Allow UDP or TCP depending on what the program uses… In order to allow all traffic for any IP or group of IPs you can allow those too. Take into considerations the security issues that might be involved by doing this, do it at your own risk.

Open Firewall Advanced Setting ==>> Applications Rules ===>> ADD a new rule name, browse the name to your dc++ file name to fill it.
Add firewall rule to this menu…
Action: Allow TCP or UDP
Direction: In
Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
Source Port:Any
Destination Port: Single Port (1412)

Save /OK.