How do I know if Threatcast is working?

I’m a new Comodo Firewall/Defense+ user. The ThreatCast feature is interesting, but I’ve yet to see it in action. I have it turned on but I never see any threatcast information in the alerts.

I don’t know if that means it just has no information on the programs, or it’s broken. I get the security consideration tab but that’s it.

I see on the forum that a lot of people are having problems with it?

Is there any way I can test it? A popular small program that I can run that should have a threatcast rating?

well threatcast has been spotty ive seen a few posts that some people say they get them and some dont so you have to hope comodo will fix it

I still have the threatcast in some programmes. I hope it works in CIS2011 too.

Also see Threatcast alerts??.

It is working with 2011 (mods test version).