How Do I Keep a Port Open?


I’ve been using Comodo Firewall and now Comodo Internet Security for quite a while and I’m quite satisfied with it, except that Defense+ generates a huge number of prompts which is annoying and I have been forced to disable it.

I’ve got a question. I need to keep one of the ports open so that I can optimally use BitTorrent clients. From the firewall tab >> Advanced >> Network Security Policy >> Global Rules, I choose Add and then a dialog box opens: There are several tabs here, including source port and destination port. I would like to know what source and destination ports mean. Is the source port a port on my computer or the destination port?

If I want to keep a port open, for example the port 22333, which one should I set, the source port or the destination port?

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perhaps you can find your answer at the FAQ section?
this is FAQ about Utorrent, i think it’s pretty much the same with bitorrent.

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Thank you very much. I couldn’t imagine it’s that complicated.

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BTW, What if I need to keep some ports open for a game. Should I do the same thing as with BitTorrent?

Yes it’s the same procedure for any situation where you need to allow incoming connections.
Bit torrent, uTorrent, some game servers, VPN, etc…

In global rules Allow > protocol > In > source IP any > source port any > destination IP your IP or MAC > destination port whichever port or ports the application in question is set to listen on.