How do I instruct Comodo not to scan my photos

When I am importing photos into Adobe Lightroom, the time difference with antivirus Disabled and Statefull is a factor 10. Importing here means: the program reads the photo from a memory card and writes a copy, or a processed copy, to another location. What I would most like is that any files produced by Lightroom would not be scanned at all.

Is this possible and how can I instruct Comodo to do accordingly?

You can go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions and click Add → Browse Files and add the extension of the images you are scanning using the * wildcard. For example: *.bmp.

Please note however, that by default CIS considers all external media as untrusted. So the step of importing a file from your memory card will still scan the image because it is not possible to exclude or trust anything from an external source. All of the remaining steps will honor the exclusion.