How Do I install Digital Certificate?

Hi All,

First of all - forgive me for being such a noob when it comes to this, but i could not find instructions anywhere on how to get the certificate installed and functioning.

My scenario is that a doctors surgery had this installed by their internal IT person and she has gone on maternity leaveā€¦leaving me to reinstall them after a rebuilb of the main server. :frowning:
(For some reason their certificates were lost when their workstations were reattached to the domain ā€¦computers are weird sometimes.

THeir IT person did have a copy of the certificates on her computer which i can access.

Has anyone got a step by step or at least something like that? I am very computer literate and am open to any help.

Pleeeeeze i need the help.

Thanks for any input.

If you donā€™t have the private key that lives on the user machine then it isnā€™t possible
to re-install email certificates.

The only option is to contact support and have the originals revoked so that you can re-apply
for new ones.

I recommend, after getting the new ones, that you back these up with the private key
so that they can be re-installed if a machine crashesā€¦and store the backups in a safe
place away from any user machine.