How do I install Comodo Free Firewall WITHOUT Comodo Antivirus?

I have AVG Antivirus, and I’d like to install a new version, but it keeps telling me that Comodo Antivirus is incompatible with the new version, and must first be uninstalled.

When installing Comodo Firewall, I specified “Firewall ONLY;” I don’t want the antivirus! How do I get rid of it while keeping the firewall?!! I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing - several times - and the same thing happens – I get the (unwanted) antivirus as well.

Please help ASAP! It’s 2:45 AM here, and I’d like to resolve this and get to sleep! :-\

If you download from the link below, you’ll just have the FW with Defense+ but without the AV

The install program has a Modify feature. Simply unselect AntiVirus, and it will be removed. After that, any issues are those of AVG alone, not Comodo. Post on their forums for further solutions.