how do i install CIS pre-configured

or make a custom installer…
soon i will be configuring some “client” computers and i wan to install CIS on then but i don’t wan to change the configuration on each one to be non-intrusive because i can forget something,
so how do i make the intaller to use a cfgx file? or there is other way?

oh and the computers will not have internet at the moment so how to install CIS with the virus definition alrealy included?

You can copy the file with name bxxxxx.cav from the Scanners folder to a USB stick or other medium. Then on the new system import it on the freshly installed CIS from the Title bar controls.

Hi kinemitor,
Sorry I can not help create a customized installer.
The best I can come up with for you might be to use a custom configuration file on all systems.

Configure a system to your preferences and then export the saved configuration to a file.
You can then import this configuration file to other systems and then activate this custom configuration.
Importing/Exporting and Managing Personal Configurations

That might help.

that’s what i have been doing, isn’t as efficient as i would like but works

Sorry I do not know of any other way.
Maybe something for the wishlist.

Kind regards.