How do i increse "Reminder Popup" delay for "Installation Mode" ?

First of all, thx for this great firewall (, easy to use, but detailed control on demand, good job.
However, i recognized a minor annoyance:

Whenever i install a game/program, i change to installation mode as suggested.
After a very short time, a reminder pops up and asks me if i want change back to previous mode.

This period is way too short.

I usually go away from the computer while waiting for the install to finish.
But Comodo Firewall makes me babysit the install process, because if i dont confirm the reminder popup, it cancels install mode. Save, but not very user friendly.

Todays average games have 5GB and more.
There wasn’t a single case when the preset delay was enough.
For an average program, i have to confirm “Yes… i really want to stay in install mode” up to 7 times…

Is there any setting .ini or .cfg file to edit/ increase the delay until the reminder popup to about 5 minutes ?

Thx (for the help and ignoring my bad English :wink: )

My experience has been that if I ignore the reminder popup, it stays in installation mode.


thats great news…
wasnt always like this.
got to try it.

yes it has always been like this. Comodo does not automatically switch out of install mode. You have to put it back to install mode but like MikeH says just ignore it till your install is done. Then switch back to previous mode.

I think it’s strange behaviour… Comodo must automatically switch out of install mode, doesn’t?
Or…for a what I’m in need of ithis “reminder pops up”? It’s just reminder?

If it switched out of install mode automatically before an install was done then the install would get messed up. The reason for the pop up about switching out of install mode is a way of Comodo protecting itself and the user.

I would be nice if you could pick the place it pops up, like in a corner not dead center of the screen.

It also would be nice if it didn’t steal the focus from the installing program.


Well, yea, I GET that it’s supposed to pop up, but still, is there a way to turn it off?
I’d rather not have it steal my focus when writing an email or whatever every ■■■■■■■ minute. And even if it didn’t that thing in my taskbar makes me nervous, I want it out of there. Any config files I could edit?

Are you talking about the “switch back from install mode” alert. Thats suppose to there telling you yo get out of install mode. Install mode is only for temporary purposes.

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be there. But I don’t like it and I want it to go away even THOUGH it’s supposed to be there. I can switch back to Clean PC Mode myself. Any ideas?

Your getting confused. D+ has 5 modes. Paranoid,Safe,Clean,Training and disabled. When you install something Comodo goes into “install mode” if you select install from the D+ alert. It is not D+ going into install mode it is Comodo itself. Open up Comodo and you will see your D+ settings and “install mode” on the bottom. The alert to switch out of install mode is Suppose to be there cause your only suppose to be in install mode when your install something then switch back. Normal. Read here.

Even so I don’t find it handy. It interrupts stuff I do while I install applications by stealing focus and being generally annoying.
Almost all installations take longer than the period until that thing pops up, so it’s uncomfortable. I don’t want it that early, if at all. There has to be a way to modify it into not popping up in such short intervals, to keep it from focussing, to keep it from popping up at all. And there has to be another way to put Comodo back to normal mode after choosing installation than clicking that reminder, isn’t there? Or d’you have to wait until it pops up so you can deactivate installation? That’d be silly.
Can you switch the reminder off? Even though it’s supposed to be there?


Are you worried you will lose protection during installation mode?- Don’t be!

When you install an application choose “Treat as-Installer or Updater” Yes, the Window will pop up asking you to switch to installation mode.

You will receive pop ups during this time, 60 seconds later- It will ask you to switch back to “Normal Mode” & it will keep asking you until you choose to do so.

This is the most effective way. You cannot increase the delay time or get rid of the option.


Thanks for replying without telling me it’s supposed to be there.
And no, I wasn’t worried, I just hadn’t seen an option to put ‘the whole’ Comodo back to normal except for that reminder. I’m not really very worried at all, which keeps me thinking, do I want the additional annoyance of clicking through all the allow windows every time (or activating Training Mode which means more clicking too) in exchange for security from a (for me) unreal threat.
Well, I’ll let you know.
Last comment on this topic: Even it’s the most effective way to get most people to switch back to normal mode, this reminder is a crowbar kind of method to do so. And the user SHOULD have the option to be prompted every 60 seconds.

I install things all the time with no troubles. When you are installing something thats all your suppose to doing. Never install something while doing other things. Let the program install whatever it is then when its done do what you have to do. When I install games or other big files if you actually take time to read they say shut down any running windows or programs. But not your security.

I know they tell you to quit running programs, and still, I have surfed, played, written email and used CAD applications while installing big packages (such as Adobe products) all my life. Never had a problem. I’m not sitting here for hours waiting for apps to install not doing nothin’. Which is why I hate the reminder, it interrupts my concentration on whatever I’m doing.

Comodo is the most powerful firewall out there. Its is more then a firewall with its HIPS protection. I feel safe when I get alerts or pop ups. It tells me Comodo is working and watching over things. Like I said I install thing all the time with no trobles. I first open up Comodo and click install mode on the bottom left of the GUI. Then I close it out and execute what I want to install. Works like a charm. I just did it before I wrote this using the new Yahoo Messenger beta.

Keep in mind that Comodo is also FREE. Find better protection for free and I bet you wont.