How do I give process/app free reign?

Help! I just installed comodo on a new netbook. With default settings, I believe. Well, it holds up the synaptics touch pad and asks me what I want to do (deny, allow etc). The problem is, since the touchpad is frozen, I can’t navigate and enter the appropriate answer. I can’t even bring up task manager or shut down normally!

OK, so first time it did this, I had to push the power button on my netbook to shut down the machine. Then I rebooted and went into Comodo and defined synaptics as a trusted application. Problem solved … or so I thought.

But it happened again! When I was on the internet a few minutes ago, Comodo froze synaptics again, saying it was trying to access Firefox. So once again I had to shut down the whole computer with the power button.

So, how to I really give synaptics full complete free reign to my computer???

Both the firewall and Defense+ are set to Safe mode.

Please help. This is so annoying. And I’ve used Comodo before and this has never happened before with a system resource such as the touch pad.

That’s the memory access problem. Try the following (hooking up a basic mouse may make things easier).

To resolve the memory access problem:

Select Defense+ -->Advanced → Computer Security Policy.
Scroll down to Comodo Internet Security, select Edit → Protection Settings.
Interprocess memory Access (Active Yes) select Modify → Add -->Now use Running Processes or Browse to point to the concerned file(s) .
Then just “Apply” to each window as you exit.

Interesting. I’ve seen this too.

If it’s cfp.exe that needs settings changed, it says that I must use My File Groups to Edit the setting. Which is where?

Some pictures to go with Eric`s explanation. In Computer security policy you need to double click the entry Comodo Internet Security.

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