How do I get this off my computer safely?

I Have this installed on 2 of my laptops. I have been having problem with one of them. I uninstalled CTM on one from the CTM screen. I got a load of error messages then my computer frooze. It would not reboot. Blank screen with flashing cursor in top left of screen. Couldn’t boot enough to system restore. Only solution was to reformat. I LOST EVERYTHING!!! This is especially bad for a program which is designed to save a computer.
Now, how can I get this abortion off my second computer safely?? I can’t afford another loss.

You could avoid reformatting you HD by using your OS boot CD. In case of WinXP you could use FIXMBR command, Win7 - BOOTSECT with some parameters. But it would be wiser to copy your data to some external devices first.
You could check out this one -
Well all this fuss if you will fail uninstalling. Just try it the easy way first, backing up your data.

So, your solution is for me to buy backup software, buy some type of hardware to save it to, then try to uninstall it knowing it will crash so I can restore it? Won’t the backup include CTM that was installed on my system?
Is that really your recommendation?

I could advise you to download “Paragon Backup & Recovery Free 10.1”, use cheap DVD-ROMs or any HD from your friends, flash drives, free space on your second notebook if there is, free NET resources etc, but you can always ask for more advises of course. The question has always been stated like this - you want cheap or you want safe. The copy of your CTM will stay in the image of course but it means that you’ll be able to repeat your failed attempt in another way and will not loose your data again.
Thank you.

Again, how to I create a backup without CTM on it? It makes no sense to go through the cost and trouble of backing everything up if it just gets me back to where I started from.

You can backup files and folders or the whole partition. In the first case you will have to reinstall your OS. In the second case you will get the current working system with CTM on it. Everything depends on what kind of data you wanna save - integrated into a program (Databases and so on) or just a big archive of installable programs and separate files (programs and documents…). You will not be able to backup your data, having missed somehow CTM and get a clean working system. Either you will have to reinstall your system, either try to uninstall CTM.