How do I get rid of this?!?!?

I’ve mistakenly installed CCAV and it’s caused havoc with my pc. I can’t open any apps, I can’t uninstall it in the usual way, I just want rid of it! Can anybody help please?

I got exactly the same thing, I have Comodo Ice Dragon on my Laptop ( Newest Windows 10) and certainly I got Comodo Cloud Antivirus
on my machine and is not working. It broke most of my applications and I can’t install the software.
I hope you guys have an Cleaningtool to do an Uninstall of a broke installation of Comodo Cloud Antivirus.
I need my laptop fast in the orginal state before Comodo Cloud antivirus came on my laptop.
Hope to hear from you soon please

Only solution I could find was to do a restore back to before CCAV was installed, luckily I hadn’t done much work. It still sits in the Registry but theres a free tool you can use to clear it completely. I’ll have to get back with the name, I’ve forgotten it and I’m not at home.

Would be Awesome if you remember the cleaning tool, because my Surface is really broke now :-
I have to do a complete re-install of my Tablet.
Hope to hear from you :wink:

Found it

Some people reported that sometimes when you uninstall CCAV somehow it doesn’t uninstall CISE. Maybe that’s the problem

I’m also interested in a way to complete remove CCAV, because I wan to install CIS back again.
But CIS installer says CCAV is installed even after I uninstalled the 2 entries in “Add or remove programs” comodo cloud antivirus and Internet security essentials and do it again with revo uninstaller, is still not enough.

And I also really want to know, how to disable automatic installation CCAV?!!