How do I get rid of CPIL Suite?

Hi everybody.
I’m sure the answer to my question is mentioned in some other threads but there’s really alot of info out there. And it’s pretty technical too…
So please forgive me for posting this:

How do I get rid of the leak test software after trying it? I was too curious for my own good I think. Not knowing what the f**ck I was doing… I’m not good at this but a test of my (new) firewall sounded like a good idea. But now what? It keeps trying to connect…

Thank you,


Hi Jimi & welcome to our info packed forums. ;D

Don’t worry, CPIL is not really trying to connect all the time. Within the CPIL suite there a few methods of testing. But, once run they do leave their injected DLL attached to explorer. So, your firewall is just warning you of its presence. A simple reboot will resolve that. After that you can just delete it if you want.

What were you doing? You were testing your firewall. You didn’t do anything wrong.

BTW Which firewall do you have?

hehe… yeah, seems like a simple reboot solved it… thanks. i’m using comodo now.