How do I get rid of Comodo Secure DNS

Is there a way I can get rid of Comodo Secure DNS and put my DNS back to what it was before? Because since I have had Secure DNS one site that I used to be able to access, I get this funky error. So far I have encoutered this on only one site. The site is

Go to Network Connections in Control Panel, then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the list of items, and then click Properties. Change the radio button to Obtain DNS server address automatically. This will reset the DNS server to your ISP’s default one.

This method is correct for Windows XP. If you’re running Vista, then I believe the method is similar, but the various items have slightly different names. I’m not sure though.

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;D Success! Just out of curiosity, is it possible to re-join secure DNS by Comodo?

It is indeed. Just follow these instructions for Windows XP, or these ones if you’re using Vista.

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Hello, I followed these instructions (Vista instructions) on Windows 7, but the Secure DNS service reinitializes on every reboot. The service is incompatible with my University’s WiFi. It is really annoying to have to go back and reset the DNS everytime I reboot!


Are you clicking OK to close both windows after going to properties as in pic below

Make sure it`s from an Admin account, maybe try turning off UAC while you change the setting.

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“maybe try turning off UAC while you change the setting”

By UAC do you mean the Windows “User Account Control”?

I click ok for all of the windows as seen in the picture I attached. Not quite the same as your picture.

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