How do I get out of "installation mode"?

When installing a new application, CFP asks if I want to go into “Installation mode”. The problem I have is that when the new instllation is finished, I can find no way of returning CFP to “normal” (non-installation) mode. More than that, I can find nowhere in CFP to tell me whether it is running in “Installation mode” or not.


Open the control panel for CFP and click Previous Mode to end Installation Mode.

…or when it pops up and asks you, click “Yes” button.


Yes, that’s a bit of a mystery too as often it’s a very long time after the installation process has terminated before I get the message asking me if I want to return to “normal” mode. Thanks to Ragwing Reborn I now have a way of quitting installation mode immediately without this lengthy wait.

I have the opposite problem with it, the message pops up like every 15 seconds.

Thanks, I have been looking for that forever. My problem was: it was to easy to find.

Yeah that was why I gave the reply I did. It pops up all the time.