How do I get FTP to work please?


I installed Comodo Firewall on my PC months ago. I also have network protection in my router/modem (a Westell Versalink Gateway). Since switching to these from dial-up I have had a lot of difficulty with FTP. This hasn’t been a real problem so far, but now I need to upload some images to a server and it uses FTP. When I try to upload in IE it fails. And in Firefox I get a message that states:

421 Unable to set up secure anonymous FTP

What can I do to rule out Comodo as the blockage please?

Many thanks.

Hi modoco!

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I haven’t tried any of these but here are some similar problems that other users have had!

Let us know how it goes!



The easiest way to test, assuming that you’re using CFP V2.4, is to do a right click on the system tray icon and set the firewall to “Allow All”. Attempt to reconnect to your FTP server. If it still fails, then the fault is not CFP. If it connects, then it’s probably a Network monitor problem and we should then check the logs.

Is the FTP server set up fro standard or passive FTP? When you’re behind a firewall, passive FTP is defintiely preferred, as your PC is telling the server what ports it will use for the data transfers, not the other way around.

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