How do I get Comodo in autostart?

I’m very pleased with the Comodo Firewall but since I had to completly reset my system I have a little problem with comodo: It doesnt’t start with the other autostart programs. I always have to go to C\Programs\cfp and start it manually.
I’m using the 64bit free version on (of course) a x64 Win7 PC.
Thx in advance!

Hey and warm welcome Comodo forums!

this behavior is normal; cfp.exe is the GUI of CF (Comodo Firewall) and you have to click on the tray icon in order to see the GUI.

Because of misunderstanding the problem misleading information was given. I apologize. Please follow Languy99 advice.

Valentin N

Well, but there is no tray icon unless I run cfp.exe. The only comodo process running automatically at startup is cmdagent.exe but thats not the actual firewall, is it?

this is not normal, try doing a repair, open the gui (cfp.exe) and go to more at the top and run diagnostics, if it finds a problem fix and and reboot. If not then I would recommend a clean reinstall. I would uninstall comodo using revo uninstaller free set to medium. Then reinstall.

It seems that I misunderstood the problem and I therefore I apologize for the misleading information.

no probs, valentin 8)
I ran that diagnosis tool, found nothing.
Then I reinstalled it and it was the same.
2nd reinstall with the program you mentioned (Revo) solved the problem. THX!

Thanks :slight_smile:

it’s good that it’s solved but I wonder what other security vendor you had before. I suggest that you first see if the vendor is here otherwise you have to write removal tool + vendor on google; this way you will prevent high cpu usage.

Valentin N