How do I get BOClean to update automaticly when the updates first come out.

I see the auto update options how often should I have it check for updates? Also the home PC is rarely turned off. So what should I do about the second box on the auto updater thing?

You can select how often BOClean checks for an update - the DEFAULTS are check every 24 hours, starting 4 minutes after bootup. You can adjust these settings to a minimum update check of every 6 hours to a maximum of every 48 hours. The time lapse between system startup can be adjusted between 2 minutes and 60 minutes after system startup. Inputting values lower than or higher than these values will result in BOClean setting to one of these minimums or maximums in order to prevent a denial of service attack on our servers for too short a minimum as well as ensure that you cannot set BOClean's update to too high a value to cause BOClean to not be updated frequently enough to protect you.

Ok so as long as its on it will update since the restart. (:WIN)