How do I get balloon messages to show when CIS is updating?

I used to have the program before, but now I reinstalled it and I checked the Show Balloon Messages option in the settings. I used to be able to see when CIS was updating, because it would say in a balloon “Checking for updates” or something like that. Today I can’t see it anymore, even with the Show Balloon Messages option checked. What can I do for it to show me this?

Please? Anybody?

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

try to see if the diagnose tool finds something.

Valentin N

Thanks for the welcome! No, diagnostics didn’t find any problems with the installation.

There are two different places for this setting.

More / Preferences

Antivirus / Scanner Settings

Well the settings are the same as in the Preferences. Let me try again. In about 30 minutes I’ll get back to you.