How do I get an activiation code


How do I get an activation code?


Hi Sally and welcome to the forum! When you go here>

You just fill in your name and email, begin download and in your e-mail you recieve the code. Now, the first one you recieve is your order number, this is not a code. The second email you recieve has your activation code and is longer than the order code. It may take a few minutes longer for the activation code but not too long, usually as stated a few minutes after. Another mention as I hear people say they don’t recieve it, if you use hotmail, many times the activation code goes to junk mail and if set on delete, you won’t recieve the code. Make sure you check this , I tested it and it went to my junk mail. Once you get it, begin setup of the firewall, and when it asks to activate, just put the number in there and you should be all set. If you have any issues, I have plenty of coffee :wink: i’ll be here a while. If not someone else will always give you a hand.

Just a note, your activation code may come first, it’s possible so simply look for the word “activation” over it.