How do I fix a mistake

I have a Tomtom installed on my computer. Comodo asked me if I should allow HOME without thinking I said now. Now I cannot upgrade my GPS cause Comodo is not allowing it to connect. How can I fix that???

First of I didn’t know there is a “now” option in comodo.

  1. Open comodo

  2. click firewall.

  3. click advanced

  4. click network security policy

  5. find tomtom (what ever name it may have) click remove.

  6. Run tomtom’s update, you should get a popup from comodo, this time press allow!

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You can either add all the “Tomtom” files on your computer to the Safe List, or delete their D+ policies and try connecting the GPS again.

Listen to jeremysbost he is right (if you blocked it in D+).
I thought you blocked it from internet with the firewall.


Um…jerwal, like Monkey said you didn’t really define if it is a connection to the internet problem or if D+ was blocking it from connecting the GPS to your computer.

Ooops, then I might have put this topic in the wrong section. Pls let me know if this is about Firewall or Defense+. :wink:

Sound like something firewall oriented afterall since he talks about connect.

Anyhow I got a PM from jerval saying:

So I guess he solved the problem.