How do i find out where outbound connections are going to?

When I start up firefox it often has 10 or more outbound connections, most of which disappear after awhile. How can i find out where these go? I tried putting the IP address of one [] into google but got no hits.

Hi. There’ll always be a number of outbound connections when you start. For example to retrieve an IP address via DHCP, to perform DNS queries for programs the update on startup. For the auto update programs themselves.

That particular IP address is to google, is that your home page, or do you have a google toolbar installed?

hi fredthefirewallus, you might like the firefox add-on showIP

may i suggest “no script” and “adblocker plus” too.

Try an on line whois service. For example: Whois - IP Address - Domain Name Lookup .

Thanks for your reply and yes Google is my homepage and I have a Google toolbar. But what I want to know is how did you find out that address was Google?

Thanks Gleach, I’ll try that. Eric, when I tried that link I got a 404 error page.

Thanks all. From the site I found a link to this that does what I wanted.


Please try again. It is working here. Let us know if the problem persists. What DNS servers are you using?

Hi All,

Just noticed in the last couple of days while I open Mozilla Firefox 3.5.something that I have to wait a few seconds while Comodo allows about 14 outbound connections to take place before opening Firefox. Of these three are for and eight are for I have no use for either of these, I have home page set as blank.

Is there any way of me blocking these two outbound connections on a permanent basis, this happens every time I connect to the internet, having to manually terminate each connection gets a little old after a while.

Paul :slight_smile:

I would recommend to review your FF set up. Do you have Amazon as a search option in the FF search field? Go Daddy is a certificate authority. It looks like FF is checking certificates. Can you think of a reason related to possibly installed extensions?

Also clean FF cache and restart it.