How do I find my limited applications[RESOLVED]

I was having problems with Internet Explorer, so I made it a limited application. Now I think that I need that application back, so how do I find it in the list of limited applications?

Open up Comodo and go to the firewall tab. Then go to advanced and click network security policy and find Internet Explorer and right click on and edit it. Make it a web browser. Dont use Internet Explorer use Firefox. As Matty said also look under D+.

If you have made something a “Limited Application” you will need to look in Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy .Here you will find all the applications which D+ has set up rules for.
Look through the list until you find Internet Explorer and highlight it.Now you can Remove it (D+ will learn it again) or change it to custom and give it your own rules.
Post back if you have any problems.


The D+ thingy worked. It is strange that I have to come to a forum like this to find out how it works. I wonder if it is the lack of a help system which makes this a free product.

And yes, I do use Firefox. But there are some stupid places on the Internet which only work with Internet Explorer. And on the other hand, there are strange things on the Internet which can mess with Internet Explorer (unwanted pop ups), which antivirus or Windows Defender does not see. Which is why I over reacted by making Internet Explorer a ‘Isolated Application’.

Excuse me but there is a very good help system built into Comodo. Go to Miscellaneous/Help. You can use IE plugin for Firefox. You can also set up IE to block pop ups by simply downloading IE7Pro.

Hi Akatz712,

Let me try and briefly explain a few things,including the way i treat “Internet Explorer”.
Basically with CPFv3 you have the “Firewall part which controls which applications can have access to the internet” and allready have rules made for them.You can view which applications allready have rules set up by going to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy and look at “Application Rules”
Here you can give applications there own policy eg web browser/outgoing only/blocked application, etc.This is where i change Internet Explorer.I normally have it set as a “Blocked Application” Highlight it/Edit/use a pre-defined policy choose from the drop down list.If i need to use it i simply change it to “Web Browser” while needed then change back when finished.

Now you also have Defence+.This monitors the interactions your applications make with the operating system and other applications.It is where you can set up applications to be constrained or have free run.It is also the part which protects your files from being modified(you should recieve an alert if anything suspicious happens)
Have a look through the D+ help section for a better understanding.


Gonna lock this thread now if you have any more questions please start another topic.
ps Thanks to Vettertech for helping out (:WIN)