how do I find ALL my posts regardless if someone responded or not???

I hate the way this site search works. >:( I replied to a post yesterday about a Fake AV someone was infected with, now I want to find it but I can’t because I can’t find all posts that I participated in. I don’t remember the title of the thread or what board it was posted in. I don’t know if it was deleted or not and I have no way of knowing. The “show new replies to your posts” does not help if no one responded and what if i wanted to go back and edit it?? I can search for a post created by a user but then I have to know the user, and any keywords the user used in their post. I don’t even remember the users name!

Ok, I found it. By clicking on my name, going to my details page, and then clicking “show latest posts”. :azn: I never noticed this before.

Click on Profile top of page.

Then right side Profile info choose Show posts.


Hi Dennis. Might be different for a Mod? But it is on the left side for me :).

It’s on the left;

Depends on how your Browser is set up; read from left to right or right to left;
he’ mistaken on accident

Also it’s on the bottom as well :smiley:

:)Thanks Jacob, I thought my left/right senses had done a turn around on me. (:LGH)