How do I exclude the AppData folders when I backup User folders?

Using BU and Vista Home Premium 32bit. My question is how do I exclude the AppData folders when I backup User folders? - The Folder C:\User\XXXX\AppData\xxx is not visible in the ‘exclude folders’ option in Comodo Backup (it’s not visible in the normal folder view either) - I can see the folder is there using ‘Explore’ and BU copies everything in this folder but I just want to copy docs music & photos etc and exclude the AppsData path. I tried advanced exclude and ticked to exclude all the options available - hidden, system etc but didn’t help much
Do I have to set up separate backups for each folder?

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I don’t have Vista, but in XP I can see all of the sub folders in the exclude option. Is there some way that you have the attributes set to hidden?

Someone with Vista may join in this conversation and help us out here. In the meantime, no you don’t have to make separate backups for each folder. You can continue to add separate folders to the backup you have. The folders do not even have to be on the same partition or drive. I know this takes a bit more work than if you could exclude a folder but it will work until we get some Vista help.


Vista Home Premium SP1.

You must have “Show hidden files/folders” enabled in the windows folder options in order to view them in COMODO Backup as well. :slight_smile:

Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders