How do I emulate a raw Zone Alarm installation

I found this topic in another thread but with an incomplete answer and for a release 2 years old and the suggested way to make it work doesn’t even match the options available today. I also didn’t see a way to post on the old thread so I assume it was canceled or some archive or something.

I have been using ZoneAlarm for 10 years but the functionality and customization keeps getting smaller and smaller for the free version. I would like to try Comodo. I would like to install and configure Comodo to work similarly, allowing no executable without my approval. I want to manually respond to (“learn”) the first attempt of every executable that tries to access the Internet. I assume why I have not seen more than a couple of inturrptions from Comodo is that all my applications seem to be identified with the “Trusted Software Vendor” list.

The only way I can figure out to do this is to remove all the names from Trusted Software Vendors list. I worked on that for quite some time now before coming here but the list seems endless. Do I actually have to delete every vendor listed here if my goal is to block everything but the browser, FTP, Ping, and a very few other EXE files? Thanks!