How do I edit the spell checker dictionary?

Hey everyone. How do I edit the spell checker dictionary for Comodo IceDragon?

If a question is that?

2. By default, Firefox checks spelling only in multi-fields. To this has been tested in the one-line (for example, fields queries on search sites or fields to determine the theme of the post in Livejournal), you need to open a browser base settings (by typing in the address bar about: config) and by hand or by using a filter option to find layout.spellcheckDefault and then change its value by 2.
Edit: By default, the browser is installed spell check only English. Some dictionaries are put as a supplement. They are in the folder where you installed Ice Dragon. (.... UserDate \ Profiles \ ..... \ extensions \ you add-ons .. \ dictionaries You can see it for example in the (Total Commander).
* You create two empty text file with the appropriate extension( . dic and. aff, there are system changes in construction and words (suffixes closure etc.). Need to combine both the relevant file) and the same name, pointing to both languages ​​(this name will appear in the context menu, then the browser). In them we are united and we will insert the data.
  • When merging files must choose a code page that it can accommodate both languages. For example, for Russian language it may be encoding KOI8-R or windows-1251. Both the dictionary to translate to such encoding to the association if they are created in the code pages that are not compatible with the selected one.

  • File. Aff begins with two service lines. For example:

SET ISO8859-1
TRY esianrtolcdugmphbyfvkwzESIANRTOLCDUGMPHBYFVKWZ ’

In the first, you specify the encoding in the second - a set of alphabetic characters that are used in the language. Them you do not have to copy all of the original dictionaries. First you will enter the selected character, the second - the combined alphabet joined languages. Everything that comes after these lines can be copied from the original dictionaries and paste in the combined.

  • File. Dic starts with one service line, it simply indicates the number of words in a file. When combined, for example, two dictionaries you should sum up the number of the first and second number of vocabulary and insert the result into the first row of the final dictionary. Then you need to copy all the words in sequence, after reaching the first row of the source vocabularies, and paste them into a unified dictionary.

  • Get the two files should be placed in the folder C: \ Program Files \ COMODO\Ice Dragon \ Dictionaries . If you would like only the merged dictionary used during the check, all other files from the folder you want to delete or move out in case of future recovery.

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I’m sorry but I still don’t understand.

Basically my spell checker keeps missing the fact that “wold” is misspelled and is supposed to be “would”. I need to know how to fix that.

Hi AveMaria02,
The trouble is that the word ‘Wold’ is in fact a word so it appears correct even when used incorrectly.
Note: The following is a hack and I recommend saving a back-up copy of your dictionary file.

Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Comodo\IceDragon\Dictionaries folder, open your language .dic file (Eg : en-US.dic) with notepad.

Select edit, find Ctrl+F and type the word ‘Wold’ (Find next) then carefully remove the entry with ‘wold’ added to the end leaving one forward slash between the remaining words.
Select find next again and remove all 3 entries with the word ‘wold’.

The next time you type ‘wold’ it will show as misspelt as it is no longer in the dictionary.

Kind regards.