How do i easily set a quarantined file to trusted?

I hope comodo software designers made this easier than i see at the moment…

if comodo quarantines a file, i go to quarantine view, and from there i need to easily add to exclusions/trusted list… HOW? there seems to be no option to do so…

does this mean i have to go through a different process of doing so for each file in the quarantine i need to exclude? surely that’s a terrible usability design if that is the case.

  1. Open up the main interface and click on tasks.
  2. Under General settings you should see Quarantine on the arrow. By now you should see these buttons: Add, Delete, Restore, Delete all, and submit.
  3. Select the file and restore it (Make sure it is the file you want)
  4. go back to tasks and go to Advanced options under Advanced task.
  5. Click on security settings and go to file rating.
  6. there you should see File rating settings, trusted files, Unrecognized files, submitted files, and trusted vendor list.
  7. Click on Trusted files, The click on the arrow and click on add.

Hopefully this helps. Is the file already quarantined.

that helps, thanks… but WOW… all that just to whitelist a file? and i got tons to whitelist. . sheesh.

S much easier way would be to go back into advanced settings and go to antivirus then to realtime protection and uncheck do not show Antivirus alerts. So when you do this. If you get a FP you can hit ignore and you will get a few options, to ignore once, add to exclusions, and the add to exclusions and report as FP.