How do I downgrade from CIS Pro to CIS Free?

I installed CIS Pro 2011, but I’ve decided that the free version is sufficient for me. Do I have to uninstall CIS Pro and then download and install the free version? Or is there a way to “downgrade” and retain all my settings and history?

Why bother to downgrade at all? If you don’t want the extra features then don’t use them. I don’t see a reason to migrate to the free version.

If you believe the free version is sufficient then when your license expires don’t buy a new one and just uninstall Pro and install the free version.

Am I missing something? I’ve never used CIS Pro, but I don’t believe there’s any reason the free version would be preferable.


There are difference with the CIS Installation, (Yes the CIS Product It’s Self) You can see when your subscription runs out, and if the no virus gurantee is activated or not)

You’ll have to uninstall and install the free version,

I’m not 100% on if your subscription runs out then what happens (I never had this happen)

Hope this helps

I downloaded it under the “try it free for 30 days” link. After the 30 days were up, it’s still running, but I’m getting warnings saying that my license has expired, and I’m guessing that it’s now not updating (not sure about that).

I assumed that if I downloaded the trial and then decided to just go with the free version, that there would be some way to switch/downgrade without losing all my settings, history, quarantine, etc. But I’m pretty sure that uninstalling and then installing free version will lose settings.

Is there any way to export settings/state so that when I install free version I can restore/import and get back to where I am now (minus the paid features of course)?


Go to More => Manage My Configurations. Then you can export the configuration for whichever type you were using.

After installing the free version you just have to go to the same place and import the configuration that you previously exported.

That should work.