How do I do this setting?

Hi there. I have been using COMODO for a while now and love it ;D. Now I recently purchased Unreal Tournament 3 and cant seem to get online. I have been told that I need to Port Forward to 7777 and disable my firewall. How do I do this in COMODO Internet Security?


Any game that wants you to disable your firewall isn’t worth playing.

I would try putting CIS in training mode (both firewall and Defense+) and start the game. After you confirm that all is working well, exit the game and switch CIS back to the previous mode you were using.

Before using training mode, check your security profiles to see if there are any listings for UT3 and delete them if they already exist.

And a firewall that won’t allow applications that the users wants isn’t worth having.

Comodo → Network Security Policy → Global rules → Add O0
Don’t forget, You may have to forward the port in your router’s hardware firewall (If you have one)

Comodo can allow this to happen. However it just isn’t safe to have an open port visible to the world… It’s your choice though.

It’s all about the setup. You can tell Comodo to do pretty much anything, but for someone to just say, turn off your firewall! Is just irresponsible…

Here is the drill:
To open the port TCP 7777

Firewall → Advanced → Network Security policy → Global Rules → Add → fill in the following:
Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In
Description: Incoming Port Unreal

Source address: Any
Destination Address: Choose MAC or Single IP address (only when it is fixed) or Host Name
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 7777

Then push Apply → Ok.