How do I disable the quarantine items popup message

When using another program in XP, which uses real-time data input, the program crashes each and every time, that the CIS pop up message about not having checked my quarantine database items in the past X days occurs. Is there a way to disable this pop up message?

Can you show a screenshot of the alert? What version of CIS are you using?

Hi Eric; My CIS version number is 3.14.130099.587. I would unfortunately need to wait for a number of days, before CIS will give me the periodic popup message again, reminding me to check for quarantined items and I cannot remember the exact wording used. I also encounter the same problem, when I’m using the live data input program (Computrainer Challenge PC1) and Comodo then does its regular update checks and virus dat file downloads. Comodo isn’t the only culprit here - Windows updates do the same thing to my real time data input program, kicking me out of the PC1 program (although I think I know how to fix those). I could shut down Comodo CIS altogether, when using the PC1 program. But I thought it would be a much cleaner and easier solution to leave CIS running, alter my automatic update settings and hopefully disable the automatic, periodic CIS prompting to check the quarantine database. This is not my main computer in the house, I don’t access email from it and I only have two specialty programs, which are used on it. However it does need lan/router access for internet updates, etc. So I don’t want to run it without firewall/av protection if possible. I was actually hoping there might be an option in one of the registry lines for instance, which could be used to remedy the issue. Many thanks.

To disable the automatic AV updating go to AV → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning → untick “Automatically update the virus database before scanning”.

Now you will have to manually update. To make a scheduled update make an automated scan and let it scan one folder with just one file and set a Scheduled scan"; CIS will then update before scanning.

If you want multiple scans a day make multiple Scheduled scans.