How Do I Disable 'My Pending Files'?

How do I Disable My Pending Files? If I ignore them, does this list keep growing indefinitely? Thanks

defense+/common tasks/My pending files
you can remove the pending files from the list

Does anyone have an idea how to completely disable “my pending files”? I mean to stop files from being added to this list.

Marking PendingList.txt as “read only” causes GUI to function improperly. Ban to modify PendingList.txt given to group “Comodo Firewall Pro” through D+ settings dialog also gives no result.

Any ideas? Thanks.

How Do I Disable ‘My Pending Files’?

Defense+ Settings => Deactivate the Defense+ permanently

Thanks. :slight_smile:
But i meant only ‘My Pending Files’. Without disabling D+.


I think this will be added in the near future, as many people have requested a feature to disable it completely, and to exclude some paths. At the time of writing, there’s no way that I know of to disable My Pending Files.