How do I disable lab analysis file file submission? [Resolved]

I poked around the forums and options, but couldn’t find a way to disable the default option to “Send to COMODO for lab analysis” in the HIPS popup. Can that be done?

Sure. Go to Settings/HIPS Application Control, and in the General tab, uncheck the box “Automatically submit files that are queued for submission.” Apply. You can still submit files manually on a per-file basis by going to the Quarantine tab; there is an option there to submit for analysis.

I think may also do a bulk run (the same as would be automatic) by manually triggering C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo AntiVirus\CAVSubmit.exe (I’m not 100% sure if that will work that way or not).


Thanks! I don’t know how I missed that one :\

No problem. I’ll mark the thread as resolved and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.