How do I disable antivirus from Comodo Personal Firewall 11?

I’ve recently installed Comodo Personal Firewall 11. I only want to use the firewall, so I’ve disabled the remaining features. But a day ago it “blocked” a program it doesn’t need to get blocked, as a response from the antivirus. As you can see in the image, I have everything disabled, but antivirus worked. I don’t want it working since I have another antivirus doing that job. How do I completely disable antivirus and anything not related to firewall functions?

Go to scan exclusions and add the all applications file group, what you’re seeing is the cloud rating using file hash to determine if it is safe, unrecognized, or malicious.

Thanks for the quick response!

As I read you face an issue to disable your antivirus from Comodo firewall

To disable the antivirus first you have to right click on the system tray icon.
Here you find enabled or disabled option.
Then choose the disabled option.
you can also find that option in set security level from the home screen.
Hope this will help you