How do I disable a firewall rule without removing it?

I want to disable a rule without removing it from the list of global rules. Any way to do this?

I don’t want to make a new topic, but are these global rules ok?

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There is no way to disable a rule without removing it. As for your global rules, I would change the Allow IP In/Out rule to Allow IP Out and change the Block and Log IP Out to Block and Log IP In.

I don’t agree with futurtech here. You can do that by moving the rule to underneath the basic block rule at the bottom to disable it.

Roger that. My standard default rule is “ask & log” Anything I want to disable I move below that rule. One just has to keep on top of the alerts. Because if the “remember this” box is checked and you click on allow, it’ll create a new rule Allow ALL source ALL dest ALL src port ALL dest port ALL.

That’s pretty bizarre because if you create a rule manually it places it dead last (and one has to manually drag it into position).